Idearum is a game about Eidos, a soul in its way to reach the perfect city of Atlantis.

2019 (3)


Eidos must learn about themselves and the world in order to grow and become their own best version.


To enter Atlantis, Eidos must pass a series of tests that are based on the seven liberal arts.

They take form of various puzzles in a 3D environment told in minimal, low-poly art and greek patterns. It is an experience of growth and beauty.

About us


This is the people behind Tahutahu! We are willing to deliver games in which narrative, art and design work together to build thrilling experiences.


Tahutahu was born as the union of a group of women from across the globe who fell in love with the project of its founder, Andrea Sacchi. We are spread across Spain, the Czech Republic and Japan. With remote organization, we work hard to create Idearum. We finally met face to face during the third edition of Stugan accelerator progam in 2017. We got to show our progress at events such as Sweden Game Conference and IndieMad in the end of 2017. By the start of 2018, Idearum is exposed at TCC Gallery surrounded by art.



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